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Brasporto is proud to have the expertise of an importer and has the knowledge to find international trade solutions that will bring benefits to your company

About us

Brasporto is ready to offer solutions to all international trade demands through a combination of dedicated structure and over 26 years of experience. Tailor-made products, operation expertise, best value for money and highly efficient processes are the core foundation of how Brasporto operates in any market.

Our branches and partners are located throughout Brazil's ports enabling swift door-to-door logistics services from reaching international suppliers to excellence in dealing with major procedures up until cargo delivery.


  • Freight forwarding

    World-wide presence, high-level connections and committed partners are the ingredients for success in international cargo transport.

  • Customs clearance

    Brasporto is present in the main ports, airports and country boarders. Our specialised team is ready to offer customised, agile and efficient service at utmost compliance with regulatory agencies.

  • Purchase order management

    Brasporto manages cargoes offering door-to-door services featuring in house and off house. Our customer can dedicate to their core business while import process is well taken care of.

  • Special customs procedures

    Brasporto is a specialised consultant for special procedures such as Temporary Admission, Temporary Tax Reduction Policy, Bonded Warehouse, Drawback, Unaccompanied Baggage, Natural Person Import Process, Tax Registry Order, Goods Return, Loss Penalty, Radar Procedures.

  • Logistic Services

    Our services are based on customisation and optimisation while offering best value for money. We offer Road Transport, Port Storage, Dry Port, Wood Inspection and Fumigation.

  • Product Research and Development

    This is one of Brasporto's main differentials. We are able to locate products under quality and requirements specifications enabling new business development. Brasporto then proceeds with necessary processes for import, license and registries until the completion of the import procedure.

  • Customs Consulting

    Brasporto goes beyond the boarders of Customs Clearance by offering our customers support through the entire logistics and taxation study. Brasporto is constantly studying legislation and looking for options that can bring financial savings and maximise results. Our customers receive total guidance and full support from beginning to end and advisory for best decision making.


  • Development of international suppliers;
  • Import feasibility based on cost verification;
  • Product Tax Classification;
  • Import licensing - MAPA, ANVISA, IBAMA;
  • Booking and Shipping Operation;
  • Draft File Checking;
  • Cargo and International Insurance;
  • Tracking Operation;
  • Customs Declaration and Daily Follow-up;
  • General Expense Statement;
  • Daily information regarding customs brokerage process;
  • Removal Process and Warehouse Operation.
  • Brasporto Pharma: Detail-Oriented

    Brasporto Pharma is a vertical of Brasporto Logística e Assessoria Aduaneira, builded up from requests from importers and exporters needy of specialists and certified companies in this industry.


Brasporto offers worldwide first class project cargo services. Brasporto knows what is to be both the importer and the exporter, for that we deliver flexibility and attention to detail in our services. Follow our expertise areas:

  • Oil and Gas

    Oil and Gas

  • Pulp and Paper

    Pulp and Paper

  • Automotive


  • Construction


  • Energy Sector

    Energy Sector

  • Pharmaceuticals



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    Sao Caetano do Sul - Sao Paulo - Brazil
    T +55 11 2376 3596

    Headquarters: São Paulo
    Subsidiaries: Itajaí/Navegantes
    Support offices: Viracopos, Guarulhos, Curitiba, Suape,
    Santos, Rio de Janeiro, Paranaguá, Rio Grande,
    Fortaleza, Vitória, Salvador, Uberlândia.
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